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Destination Wedding versus  Traditional Wedding

Do you want a traditional, at-home wedding or do you want something a bit more unique, a little less stress….No, I should have said a lot less stress! It seems that choosing the unique option has become more and more popular, and for good reason.

Less Stress

Destination weddings are quickly becoming the norm over traditional, church-based ceremonies. Many are choosing to make their day even more special by making their wedding day an overall experience for themselves and all of their guests. Usually, a destination wedding refers to a wedding that takes place away from the area in which the bride and groom live. It could be another city, another state/province or even another country. Most think of a celebration on the beach in some tropical paradise, however, a destination wedding could take place in a castle in Ireland, on a bluff overlooking the sea on a moonlit evening on Fira Island in Santorini, Greece……. it can truly be whatever your heart desires. Traditional weddings have so many restrictions: find the church, book the hall, find a DJ, make sure you have all the meal courses in order, don’t forget the wedding favors, and by all means  sake don’t forget to invite every single person you’ve ever met in your entire life and that of your parents as well!

A more relaxed atmosphere for you AND your guests

On the other hand, destination weddings let you be a bit more original, creative and free. A destination wedding ceremony can take place anywhere at any time with anyone present (or not!). The atmosphere of a destination wedding is also much more relaxed. And really, how can you not be as you stroll down the white-sand beach towards your husband-to-be who’s wearing comfortable linen pants and a brightly colored shirt and sandals? And the guests tend to be much more relaxed as well — there isn’t the pressure of a traditional wedding. You’re all there to enjoy the location, the atmosphere and the celebration of the marriage and enjoy a vacation to boot!

Everyone gets to know each other more

Destination weddings also give friends and family the unique opportunity to get to know one another in a relaxed setting that lasts for more than a few hurried hours. Spending a week together on the beach is a sure way to build strong family bonds and new friendships. Exploring and discovering a new country is incredible, and doing it with close family and friends makes the experience even more fantastic. A wedding is already a heartwarming event that’s sure to bring those gathered closer, but put the event in an exotic setting and the atmosphere of the whole ordeal changes entirely and becomes that much more intimate.

Lower cost

Destination weddings allow for so many different wedding gown options and wedding attire in general. Because you’re not bound to the church/hall set-up, your location choice greatly influences your dress choice. There’s so much freedom in how you want your ceremony to be, where you want it to be, how you want it to look and who you want to experience it with. When it comes to cost a destination wedding really is the better option. Because you usually don’t have to worry about all the small details (DJ, flowers, hall, decorations), that means less to worry about on the budget side as well. For the brides who choose to get married at an all-inclusive resort somewhere down south, the cost is even lower. Wedding packages are often free once a certain number of people are booked at the resort for the wedding. Flowers, food, the officiant and decorations are all included in the package so the only expense becomes your ticket down there and your gown. Does it get any easier? Depending on which resort you choose they often include a wonderful complimentary honeymoon package complete with couples massage, breakfast in bed, private candlelit dinner on the beach…..all this just because you chose to have your wedding at their resort. The best part is many of these same resorts offer promos such as book 5 rooms and get 1 free (up to 3 free rooms) this can be a huge savings for the Bride & Groom since of course the savings goes back to them!

It’s easier!

Then to make things even easier you choose a travel agent (that would be me of course!)  who loves to help in the planning of Destination Weddings and Honeymoons…I will be the go between to get you started with the resort wedding coordinator, take care of paperwork and even field all the questions and calls from friends & relatives interested in joining you on this special day.

It seems like a pretty obvious decision for future brides-to-be — you may have that decision made before you decide whether to answer yes or no.If this still hasn’t helped in your decision …….then of course there’s the Honeymoon Registry ……..we can save that for another day!

Is it really safe to go to Mexico?

Although through different types of media we all hear various reports pertaining to the safety in Mexico.

I myself travel there frequently and sell Mexico quite often. The people of mexico are some of the friendliest in the world!

This is not to say that no matter where we travel…..whether it be to another country, state , or simply running errands around town we should always use caution and be aware of our surroundings. Unfortunately the media doesn’t always do a good job at reporting the specifics and all too often it is generalized and made to feel as if the problem is more widespread than it is.

Please take a look at the Perception vs Reality piece below and make up your own mind.

I think you may  be surprised to hear what the facts really are!

As headlines tarnish Mexico’s reputation with drug – related violence. Mexico continues to battle the reality of it’s current state, while officials increase security measures to ensure travelers safety and cointinue to promote this destination by presenting the facts.

A common misconception about Mexico is that because  violence is happening in one location, then it’s happening all across the country.

With a country 3  Times the size of Texas this is clearly false. The trouble is some visitors do not realize the sheer distances between its tourist destinations and other cities.

  • Area of incident: Ciudad Juarez………..tourist destination : Los Cabos….it’s like traveling between Miami and Atlanta nearly 650 miles apart!
  • Area of incident: Tijuana………..tourist destination : Puerto Vallarta….it’s like traveling between New York and Orlando  nearly 1000 miles apart!
  • Area of incident: Tijuana………..tourist destination : Cancun & Riviera Maya ………it’s like traveling between Los Angeles  and Chicago  nearly 1750 miles apart!

Did you know that 3 out of every 10 travelers mention Mexico as their 1st choice of vacation destinations.

Do I need a Travel Agent ?

Travel Agent Myth :

Travel  agents charge to book your vacation and it is cheaper and just as easy to book your own!!!FALSE!!!!

If a travel agent charges you or tells you there is a fee (other than a very nominal ticketing fee for air onlycustomers) call someone else!

Travel Agents are compensated for their work through the vendor, with no additional cost to the customer (with the exception of airlines) ………your price is the same whether you book it on your own or a Travel Agent books it for you! Then you get the piece of mind that you have someone to speak with in person that can help you should a problem arise.

Do you really know who your booking with when booking online with an internet site that promises a vacation deal almost too good to be true? Who will you speak with if a problem arises….someone from this country?? Probably not!

Keep in mind that 99.9% of the time you always get what you pay for and if something sounds too good to be true ……it probably is!

If you want peace of mind then by all means call a Travel Agent!

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